I'm not a web designer, but I've had the opportunity to build and deploy a few websites, both internal and customer-facing. Here are a couple examples:
Bo's Barbecue & Catering website
Finding Playland website


Here are a few applications I've developed. While I would never be mistaken for a programmer, in the interest of cross-discipline development I've tried to at least learn enough to be a code-savvy member of a development team.
Reforged Soundboard for Android
Written in Java using Eclipse and the Android SDK, this is a small application I built for Android devices. It plays humorous audio clips recorded from online gaming sessions with my World of Warcraft guild. Screenshots, video and install file available on the project page.
Tiny WebDB Web Service
This is a simple sandbox web app to aid in Android development. Developed in Python and deployed on Google's App Engine using the tutorials found at
Boxee Applications
I've built a couple applications for Boxee. Currently in open beta, Boxee is a multi-platform media center based on the open source XBMC project.
One of my applications is the Frenetic Productions channel, showing the latest clips, films and features from the filmmakers.
The application can be installed by adding my repository ( to Boxee.
RockU – World of Warcraft UI Addon
RockU is an addon for the World of Warcraft MMO.
Written in Lua and XML, it plays an appropriate sound when party or raid members use certain in-game abilities. For more information, see the project page or download it directly from

As I switch over to Git for version control, the source code for my projects will be available at my github account.